Maintenance-free Living in Middletown

What does “maintenance-free living” mean when you are part of The Reserve atEnglish Station community? It means on those occasions when you enjoy extended travel, you leave with peace of mind knowing that all lawn and landscaping responsibilities are taken care of! Having a green manicured lawn, fresh mulch, and responsibly trimmed landscaping also sendsContinue reading “Maintenance-free Living in Middletown”

Things to do in Middletown, KY

Middletown, KY is situated in the north east corner of Jefferson County and is an affordable, comfortable “small town” living experience where neighbors genuinely care about each other. There is not really a consensus on how Middletown got its name but it is believed to have been the “middle” point between Louisville and Shelbyville. WeContinue reading “Things to do in Middletown, KY”