Maintenance-free Living in Middletown

What does “maintenance-free living” mean when you are part of The Reserve at
English Station community? It means on those occasions when you enjoy extended travel, you leave with peace of mind knowing that all lawn and landscaping responsibilities are taken care of!

Having a green manicured lawn, fresh mulch, and responsibly trimmed landscaping also sends a message of “active occupancy” when away, which is a natural security enhancement to your home. It means no taking chances on correctly fertilizing or regulating the watering of your lawn – it’s all done for you! But do you still have freedom to enjoy gardening? Of course.

There is plenty of space out back for your box herb-gardens and filling planters with your seasonal favorites! Trash pickup is also part of the plan. The Reserve at English Station had YOU in mind when designing their maintenance-free living package. Check us out today!


Colette Koetsier

Anne Wegert

Stephanie Gilezan

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